Thanks to our strong expertise in manufacturing of solid soaps, we can accompany our customers in the creation and development of their soap and/or solid cosmetic project.
Our team accompany our customers in the various stages of the product development: project definition, formulas, shapes, packaging, in-house laboratory tests, regulatory compliance, support on market trends, etc.
The soap formula is developed for worldwide marketing in compliance with regulations. We can guarantee stability of your products, thanks to our formulation laboratory, plodder, press, ageing chamber.
Beyond the marketing claims, the aim is to define together the very nature of the soap in development: toilet soaps, surgras soaps, natural soaps, exfoliating soaps, beard soaps, perfumers’ soaps, organic soaps, stain remover soaps, etc.
We work with soap bases of vegetable origin, made from palm and palm kernel oil, copra, olive, rapeseed, coconut, shea, etc.
We also work with Syndet soap bases – soap free, pH neutral, especially for specific soaps: dermatological bar for sensitive skin, solid shampoo, etc.
We enrich our soaps with active ingredients such as exfoliating agents, plants, vegetable oils and butters, clays, vegetable charcoal, surfactants etc. as well as with perfume, from our catalogue or specific to your brand / aspiration.
Creation is also the choice of forms. SHP offers more than 150 standard moulds and engravings, for the personalization of your soaps. We can also assist you in the development of your own mould. Our technical capacities allow us to strike soaps from 5g to 500g.