We chose to focus on bar soap and solid cosmetics because we want to offer healthy products that respect the environment. We have developed specialised expertise in these formulations and continue to explore potential applications.

Our dedicated team will guide you through the various stages of developing your product, including project definition, formulation, shape selection, packaging selection, regulatory compliance and assessment, market trend guidance, and more.

Solid formula

Our lab has developed significant expertise in formulating bar soap and solid cosmetic formulas that includes accounting for formula development issues and industrial constraints. We put this expertise to work to fulfil specific briefs, develop turnkey formulas and lead co-development projects.

Solid soaps, solid shampoos, solid conditioners, solid moisturisers, solid masks, solid deodorants – all cosmetics can become solid!

Solid shape

Product development also includes selecting a shape. SHP adapts to your needs and your budget by offering customisable standard moulds or helping you design your own mould.


With solid products, you can use eco-friendly packaging made without plastic. We will be happy to help you select from among the many packaging options, including cases, x folds, sun folds, boxes, flow packs, multi-packs and more.


We work on a contract basis and our dedicated Methods and Manufacturing team combines formulation, packaging and process expertise to develop a commercially viable product.


Our internal regulatory department can oversee a product’s compliance with European regulations and others as necessary.