Customer satisfaction is our priority and continuously improving how we apply Good Manufacturing Practice is one of our tools. This is why we have mastered the requirements of the ISO 22716 standard on Good Manufacturing Practice for cosmetic products, as certified by ANSM.



We have worked with the leading labels in the cosmetics market for many years. As forerunners in toll manufacturing for certified organic bar soap, we produced our first ECOCERT-certified organic soaps in the 2000s and have solid expertise in this area. We are constantly seeking innovation for our clients, so we follow the COSMOS standard and our facilities are controlled by ECOCERT each year.

We pay attention to societal changes relating to environmental quality, so we are a member of RSPO to help promote sustainable palm oil. We offer RSPO-certified soap bases with three different traceability certification options:

  • RSPO Identity Preserved, which guarantees that the sustainable palm oil comes from the same certified sustainable producer and has not been mixed with conventionally produced palm oil. RSPO IP is the most stringent RSPO certification.
  • RSPO Segregated, which guarantees that the palm oil comes from certified sustainable producers and has not been mixed with conventionally produced palm oil.
  • RSPO Mass Balance, which participates to sustainable palm oil production


RSPO Trade Mark Licence : 4-0732-16-100-00