SHP Group has 15 years of experience in the world of bar soap-making and we are approaching the next 15 years with the same desire to provide a service with professionalism and to continue to grow as in the past.
Our values, shared by all are part of our DNA.
We have become a major actor in the world of outsourcing in only a few years thanks to our clients and our unique specific characteristic: we manufacture in small, medium of large series in compliance with international regulations.

On our own, we can go faster, but together we can go further…

Our advantages include a rare full-service skill, a modern and adjustable industrial tool and controlled quality and development procedures with 6 sites dedicated solely to the world of solid soap-making.
Our clients’ renewed taste for naturalness; a return to authenticity along with the will to create and stay modern puts BAR SOAP at the heart of their marketing project. SHP will efficiently accompany all of you.

My partner Rosy Bellagamba and myself will continue to transmit our passion and our know-how to our collaborators.

The following saying is for you and for us: “On our own, we can go faster, but together we can go further”.

Daniel Margot, manager and founder


Situé au cœur de la Provence, territoire de savoir-faire cosmétiques et senteurs, SHP est spécialisé dans la transformation de savons solides à façon. Nos trois usines ont chacune un parc machine adapté aux séries économiques de nos clients.

Nous faisons de l’innovation une priorité et travaillons de pair avec nos fournisseurs pour vous proposer de nouvelles bases savons, des formules et formes adaptées, des emballages toujours plus spécifiques en lien avec votre stratégie marketing.

SHP compte à ce jour une centaine de salariés formés au métier de sous-traitance. Les compétences de nos techniciens sont soutenues sur le terrain par l’équipe d’encadrement pour qualifier en permanence la formation du personnel mettant la satisfaction de nos clients au cœur de l’action.

En 2016, nous avons manufacturé plus de 24 millions d’unités pour un chiffre d’affaire de 9 millions d’euros.









m2 dedicated

to production


million units,

9M€ turnover in 2016



Creation of Savonnerie de Haute-Provence

Daniel Margot created Savonnerie de Haute-Provence in 2003. After 15 years’ experience in the sector of cosmetics, he launched into the production of small and medium series.

Creation of Savonnerie des Petites Séries

Having achieved growth and by surrounding himself with experienced partners, a second structure dedicated to small series was created in 2007. Daniel Margot entrusted its management to his first historical collaborator, Marie-Noelle Vicat. Savonnerie des Petites Séries was born.

A new building

A first site was built in 2010 entirely dedicated to the profession of soap-making on a surface of 2,500 m2.

Creation of Savonnerie Nature en Provence

In 2014, a second plant was built for the production of soaps in large series, particularly for the L’Occitane group. Savonnerie Nature en Provence strengthened the group’s capacities by increasing the surface area of the premises (an additional 3,000 m2) and their tools.

A building for the production of small series

Investment in an eighth production line and a third 500 m2 building.

SHP, a trade name common to all three production sites