The Savonnerie de Haute Provence – SHP is at the heart of the growth trend of solid cosmetics, and is becoming a manufacturer of private label solid shampoo.

After a long development work, we have just industrialized new solid shampoo formulas. We are thus joining the highly closed club of manufacturers of custom / private label solid shampoo.

Increasingly popular with consumers for its environmental benefits, solid shampoo was struggling to find manufacturers capable of producing medium and large series. SHP has therefore taken up the topic to become a manufacturer of solid shampoo in medium and large series.

The base used is one of the mildest on the market, and can be adapted to all hair types, for a sweet and silky look. The oils and surfactants used make it possible to obtain a high quality finish, similar to the one of ordinary or even complex liquid shampoos.

3 formulas imagined for the moment: normal hair, dry hair, oily hair, and the possibility of developing tailor-made and private label formulas with our customers.

Its formula is guaranteed to be 100% soap-free and PH neutral and respects hair and scalp. Its neutral color offers a good flexibility of customization during the manufacturing process. The shape of the solid shampoo depends on the aspirations of our customers: from our mold catalogue or custom-made. Its manufacturing method, in extrusion, allows to have a qualitative, homogeneous visual rendering, and a good price competitiveness.

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