A word from the Chairman and CEO

SHP was born out of a strong entrepreneurial and family legacy. Ethics are central to everything we do. Our company has developed and grown over the years because of our focus on excellence and integrity. At SHP, we believe that the way we operate in the social, environmental and societal realms is essential to our success and an opportunity to create value. In addition, working ethically will help us grow sustainably by serving as an important indicator for all our stakeholders.

I am proud to present this Ethics Charter that transparently defines our culture and values. It is our compass, a reference document that should shape our choices and guide our daily actions.

This Charter is being shared with employees at all levels and presented to the general public on our website www.shp-soap.com. It was created in partnership with employee representatives and it applies to each of us. I invite you to read it carefully and put it into practice as we fulfil our commitments.

Daniel Margot


Our vision

Reduce plastic use in the cosmetics industry

Change bathroom culture with healthy products that respect the environment

Cultivate our passion with high standards

Act with agility to satisfy our clients

Encourage creativity and innovation

Develop new ideas to always stay one step ahead

Make kindness a reflex

Be respectful, tolerant and attentive to others

No document can pretend to predict or resolve all ethical or moral questions a company and its employees may encounter in their daily work. Therefore, this Ethics Charter is designed to serve as a reference, a compass to guide us when we are confronted with a situation where we do not know what position to take and where we wonder about the implications of our actions.

We will inevitably need to use our personal judgement and justify our choices with support from this charter. When you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to ask your colleagues and managers for help and advice.

SHP is communicating our values through this charter in order to be more transparent with our clients and strengthen employee trust and unity.

Integrity, transparency and honesty

Prevent risks of corruption and conflicts of interest

SHP has a zero-tolerance policy for corruption and conflicts of interest. SHP follows an effective, rigorous anti-corruption policy. This policy is part of our commitment to the values of being honest, competing fairly, preventing conflicts of interest, maintaining professional confidentiality and fighting all forms of discrimination.
Our personal interests must not unduly influence our professional judgement or conflict with SHP’s interests. In addition, an employee who is confronted with the risk of a conflict of interest must immediately inform their manager and refrain from any participation in SHP’s relationships with the third party concerned until a solution has been identified.
With the exception of legally permitted business gifts (below €200), any sort of advantage that could be considered a means of influencing the independent judgement or behaviour of the parties involved must be expressly refused.

Maintain the trust of our clients and employees

SHP devotes most of our professional activities to our clients in order to meet their needs and earn their trust.
SHP sells products that comply with current standards and regulations on quality, safety, and industrial and intellectual property, and provides transparent, reliable, fair and high-quality information.
SHP pays special attention to how we produce our products and purchase supplies in order to protect resource sustainability and fulfil the principles outlined in this Charter.
Our business communications are sincere, reliable and focused on clients and employee safety.

Confidentiality and privacy protection

Protect our expertise

We may not always realise that we have lots of information as an employee that has financial and strategic value and constitutes the company’s intangible capital. In a competitive environment, this information constructs our success and is essential for our growth.
It is important for us to protect it so that we can continue to perform well and adapt to market needs.
Divulging this valuable information can seriously impact the company’s competitiveness and therefore is prohibited. It is each person’s responsibility to protect this information by ensuring it is only shared with those who need it to do their jobs.

Protect privacy and personal data

SHP is committed to carefully protecting and processing all personal data of which we acquire knowledge in our work. This includes our employees, business partners and clients. The company will only collect personal data that is relevant and necessary for our objectives and process it for a specific and legitimate use.

Social and environmental responsibility

Act in ways that support sustainable development

Protecting people and the environment is a priority for SHP and a core principle of our CSR strategy.

We are committed to growing our business in a way that respects the planet by reducing our ecological footprint. We strive for the right balance between creating value and attending to our social and environmental impact.
This is why we have created and expanded on various internal initiatives focused on sourcing raw materials and reducing our carbon footprint.

Promote dialogue, diversity and inclusion

Kindness is a fundamental value for SHP. It becomes visible in our everyday lives through our ability to act and interact with respect, tolerance and humbleness.

SHP respects our employees’ right to freedom of expression and opinion developed as part of constructive social dialogue as well as each person’s right to freely and voluntarily create and/or join groups that promote and defend their professional interests. SHP promotes respectful social dialogue and encourages consultation with employee representatives.

In this context, SHP is deeply committed to promoting working conditions free from any hostile, discriminatory or degrading behaviour, particularly any form of psychological or sexual harassment or discrimination.

SHP commits to promoting diversity, inclusion and gender equality. We will do what is necessary to provide employees with a respectful, motivating and stimulating working environment.

SHP helps our employees balance personal and professional life and looks out for each person’s well-being at work. This includes recognising their right to disconnect.

Employees commit to making sure that their activities in the private sphere do not compromise or jeopardise their ability to accomplish their work and do not damage SHP’s reputation.

The company pays close attention to employee health and safety. The employer is responsible for employee protection, health and safety, but each of us also has a role to play. We each have the right to work in a safe environment. This code of conduct describes our individual and shared responsibility to protect our own health and safety, as well as the health and safety of our colleagues.